Project Brief

Caretas is a professional makeup Colombian brand, with high-quality products and well-known in the country. Simultaneously, it owns a product bundling special for kids: Pintucaritas, which searches to achieve an imaginative and amusing experience through games and facial painting.
Our mission is to promote Pintucaritas® as a trademark and this way, avoid brand plagiarism.


Marketing for Pintucaritas® is key to achieve its association with Caretas, already known as a company of high-quality products.
We start by identifying the most appealing way to capture the attention of children, end-user. They prefer the graphics of the book rather than the narrative itself. However, they try to follow the story as their parents tell them. Also, we try to simplify the process for parents to use and apply makeup.


The final result is a children’s book. It proposes a playful narrative where parents and children strengthen their relationship and achieve professional makeup. Among small challenges, makeup tools, and eye-catching illustrations, children gradually transform into the character of the story, while parents follow clear instructions, easy-to-use templates, and brushes, in order to achieve an artistic result.

Experience Design

Skills applied in this project

User Experience

Iterating content, research, design, and strategy to offer a well-thought-of experience that shows what it’s truly like to put the user first.


Creating a visual representation of an idea, a narrative, a character. A pretty picture that enhances the story in some way. It’s a real superpower!

Editorial Design

Organizing text, imagery and colors to create a composition that is not only visually pleasing but also efficient at communicating the information.


Getting the how, what, where, when and to whom to communicate, in order to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Call me as soon as they’re for sale, I want them all for Sofia!

Adriana Lancheros, mother.

It’s quite spectacular because it brings the family closer

Daniel Hernández, father.
I want it for my kids, the first one’s gonna be mine, right?
Lina Parra, mother.