Project Brief

In a world where interpersonal relationships are constantly shaped by new technologies, not_a_profile is built as an alternative to the permanent request to create an online profile to get access to any content. The idea of this project is to defy the established compatibility pattern offered by social media and allow users to freely “choose their friends”.


Based on creating a no profile, the biggest challenge is to encourage people to fill out the usual online forms to get access to content. The key is to offer total freedom inside, once they had given their email. Also, a real-world connection should be created, so that they could share ideas or hobbies, and exchange them with strangers. It is this information that allows compatibility between users.


not_a_profile is a platform for real connections with real people. The user finds a key written on a post-it. To follow this link, he must give his email and create a password. Once he accesses the content -a note, a song, an image-, he decides if he likes it or not. Also he can create his own keys and leave them at different points in the city. This way he begins to generate a compatibility network with complete strangers. 

Web Design

Skills applied in this project

Graphic Design

Organizing text, imagery and colors to create a composition that is not only visually pleasing but also efficient at communicating the information.


Setting internal instructions for the computer so it can respond to each task when the user interaction. The language? HTML and CSS!

Concept Art

Taking the right art and design decisions to evoke the desired emotions. Creating concepts for the overall visual style of the project.


Designing the interaction experience, from the aesthetic appearance of the site and the content within, until its relation with the physical post-it.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Ma premirère descente à 15 ans : cétait ma destinée.
27 ans de fond. 27 ans de passage à la salle de réglage. Aujourd’hui ne restent que des souvenirs bons et mauvais.

Aimable, mineur de Wallers-Arenberg

La mine c’était ma vie.
Dans mon coron nous étions tous dans un nid, en famille de mineurs.

Henri, mineur de Wallers-Arenberg