Project Brief

University group project. Using Makey Makey kit invented by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, we created an original, accessible and memorable User Experience. The input (control) and output (feedback) loop were the center of the project. We had the chance to choose our creation tool (Unity, Unreal engine, Construct , Rpg maker, etc.)
A fully functional demo was required.


Our goal is to transform science education into a didactic experience, so we could get greater concentration and attention from the user.
The biggest challenge is the control and interface design; an ergonomic device that works efficiently with cables and sensors when activating the on-screen response. In parallel, we design the user interface with illustrations, visual and sound effects, and clear instructions.


We used a bracelet as control so that when it comes in contact with the illustrated cards, it generates a signal. When this response matches the correct definition, the Interface displays the same illustration onscreen. Otherwise, alerts the user through a sound, so he can try it again. Gradually the building completes its façade with the plants exposed in the physical book. Upon successful completion, the user activates a final animation as a reward.

Interactif Herbarium

Skills applied in this project

Graphic Design

Organizing text, imagery and colors to create a composition that is not only visually pleasing but also efficient at communicating the information.


Designing the interaction experience, from the aesthetic appearance of the device and the content within, until its relation with the physical book.


Creating a visual representation of an idea, a narrative, a character. A pretty picture that enhances the story in some way. It’s a real superpower!


Setting internal instructions for the computer so it can respond to each task when the user interacts with the device. The software? Unity!

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

It’s a really cool experience, especially to learn about such an ordinary subject!
Amandine, Art student

Great! I liked the drawings. I want to show it to my little sister…

Florent, Master Art student