Project Brief

Cristina is a costume design project inspired by a fictional life story. The experiences, the environment, hobbies and dreams of this character, offer a specific aesthetic universe, from which silhouettes, colors, materials and print patterns are generated.
Final undergraduate project that proves my education and abilities designer capable of applying the core methodology to a previously unexplored medium: fashion design.


From Cristina’s character development to the digital edition for the photographs of the dresses, this project gives me the opportunity to work in all stages of production of costume design, an invaluable experience. Conceptualization, mood boards, silhouette sketches, material testing, digital stamping illustrations, scale prototypes in linen, cutting and sewing, are just some of the steps followed to achieve the result. Throughout this process, time and budget management are key to success.


Fashion Collection inspired by the life of a fictitious character. Through the textures, colors, and shapes, this costume design reveals the aesthetic universe of Cristina, a young woman passionate about the stories that live behind ancient and collectible objects, and guided by the anecdotes of her French grandmother. Her dreams and memories are translated into delicate fabrics, organic silhouettes and print patterns that show the passage of time, concepts that in the end, shape the style of these costume pieces.

Costume Design

Skills applied in this project

Creative Direction

Taking the right art and design decisions to evoke the desired emotions. Creating concepts for the overall visual style of the project.


Creating a visual representation of an idea, a narrative, a character. A pretty picture that enhances the story in some way. It’s a real superpower!

Costume Design

Designing, sewing, researching and creating with elements of color and fabric textures to provide a visual understanding of the character.

Character Design

Defining a character through his/her physical appearance. Illustration of costumes, scenes, and environments from a story that does not yet exist.

Final Result

Cristina cultivated a great taste for reading from an early age. She particularly liked stories and novels stored in the library, a small room in her house containing the memoirs of his late grandfather.
Extract from Cristina’s profile

Cristina traveled to France with her family, where she discovered Paris from Carmen’s perspective, her grandmother. Cristina grew a passion for collecting objects in every store, antique shops, and museum she visited.

Extract from Cristina’s profile

Cristina enjoys herself registering everything she finds interesting with her camera. Flowers and ancient facades are the most common elements in her portraits.

Extract from Cristina’s profile