Project Brief

Inside the traditional visits offered by the Art Museum in Valenciennes, an innovative application is conceived in order to accompany people and offer a new way to discover its art. This project required innovation and technology, but above all, accessibility and engagement for all kind of users. Thanks to augmented reality technology, visitors are immersed in the museum’s historical universe.


This application gives life to the museum, helping visitors to rediscover it otherwise, in an interactive way. It is an immersion in the history of the city of Valenciennes. The goal is to allow people to see things that have eluded them. For example, the visitor will have to look up to discover the great painting that is at the entrance of the museum, which many visitors have missed so far.


This experience starts with a character falling from the ceiling at the entrance of the museum. Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, prodigal artist born in Valenciennes, will guide visitors through a journey to discover his works. He will give multiple choices so that the user can create his own path, and through technology, enhance his experience and make the tour more interesting by “bringing the past to life”.

Augmented Reality App

Skills applied in this project

Graphic Design

Organizing text, imagery and colors to create a composition that is not only visually pleasing but also efficient at communicating the information.


Designing the interaction experience, from the aesthetic appearance of the app and the content within, until its relation with the physical museum.


Creating a visual representation of an idea, a narrative, a character. A pretty picture that enhances the story in some way. It’s a real superpower!

Creative Direction

Taking the right art and design decisions to evoke the desired emotions. Creating concepts for the overall visual style of the project.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

This little man is so cute, I want to take him home with me! 

Julia, museum visitor

Oh my god! I could not decide whether to look at my phone or at the painting… One thing for sure, I want to do another tour here just to see what else is there!

Nicolas, Art professor