Au fil des pages

A short film produced as a modern adaptation of two known tales: Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. As a university project, the challenge was to conceive a 5-minute max. the story around the song “It’s not unusual” by Tom Jones, and to insert a clip from another’s group film within.
Between classic items such as a red hoodie, a twelve o’clock alarm, a dark chaser or even a forgotten item on the stairs, the main character follows the magical stories hidden in an old book.

Project created by Siham Piret, Yann Mouillard, Fortunée Kougnandé and Camila Beltrán.

Some stills…


As part of MemoRekall, an online tool developed for the documentation, preservation, and analysis of performing arts, this project was conceived. Macula is a video interview presenting the work of Hideyuki Ishibashi during the exposition Panorama 19 at le Fresnoy, France.
Process, conception and final result were structured within original documents and annotations of its author. We kept the visual mood all the way from the opening intro until the credits.

Project created by Magalie Mobetie, Yann Mouillard and Camila Beltrán.

Some stills…

Skills applied in these projects

Photo Direction

Creating the look, feel and mood of the film. Taking lighting decisions, providing advice on camera angles, lens choice, and movement.


Writing the narration or interview questions for the films. Working with the creative direction on elements such as mood, setting, and characters.


Creating transitions, applying color correction, mood music, visual effects, filters, and other enhancements to tell a story effectively.

Creative Direction

Taking the right art and design decisions to evoke the desired emotions. Creating concepts for the overall visual style of the project.