This animation is the visual representation of the blocking process that students face when they have absolute freedom to develop a project.
After days and nights dealing with the blank page syndrome, creativity flows by remembering the little things in life that shape us as an artist.
Technique: Stop Motion.

Some stills…


Created as an homage to the different forms, styles, and techniques of illustration, this animation starts at the textual definition of the word dessin (drawing). Freehand sketching, architectural drawing, watercolor painting, illustration with colored pencils, among others, this project seeks to show the infinite expression of this art.
Technique: Stop motion.
Project created by Théo Dinaut, Gillian Borrell, Sophie Hochart and Camila Beltrán.

Some stills…

Skills applied in these projects


Creating a visual representation of an idea, a narrative, a character. A pretty picture that enhances the story in some way. It’s a real superpower!


Pictures manipulated so they give the impression of movement. Taking frame by frame photos of drawings in order to bring static objects to life.

Creative Direction

Taking the right art and design decisions to evoke the desired emotions. Creating concepts for the overall visual style of the project.


Creating transitions, applying color correction, mood music, visual effects, filters, and other enhancements to tell a story effectively.