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Why Work With Me


I am capable of working quickly and efficiently, creating different stylistic approaches. My experience in concept development, art direction, editorial design and illustration proves a real flair for bringing creative ideas to life.
I have strong typography and layout skills and a highly creative approach to both print and digital briefs.
Because of my attention to detail, good communication skills and a proactive nature, I am a reliable teammate, highly motivated, and flexible.

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About Me


Hi there. Thanks for visiting. My name is Camila Beltrán. I am a young and dynamic Colombian designer with a French Master’s degree in Digital Creation. Artist, designer, illustrator, photographer and all-around restless creative,
I have always been interested in visual communication.

I like to combine different techniques and experiment with new technologies
and conventional artistry in my design process. I aim to bring design, art and technology closer together, focusing on creating experiences through both print and digital media. The result is innovative and appealing while being conceptually and aesthetically cohesive.

I strive to create engaging experiences for users. The core of my design process is to understand their behavior through quantitative and qualitative research and observation. This allows me to connect with any user in a visually coherent way.

I am detail-oriented and idea-driven. I work efficiently to ship quality results in my projects. What I enjoy most about my profession is the opportunity to constantly learn and test new technologies everyday.

My travels around America and Europe enrich my creative process as much as every other experience in my life. That is the reason why I welcome new experiences and learning opportunities. I am always eager to start the next challenge.

As Rachel Wolchin says: “If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet”.
In this life, I plan on leaving people a quote as inspiring as hers!